social enterprise

Social Enterprise

Rob Parry Originals is part of Sixty Fruits, a social enterprise with a heart for people & vintage furniture. Why we do this can be found in our Christian identity that urges us to Love for our fellow man – visible in deeds. We’re not saying we’re all doing so well – but we’re sticking to it:

“We want to learn Love”.

Sixty Fruits is a foundation. The board monitors vision and policy for the longer term. The board approves the annual plan and monitors its proper implementation. Finally, the board acts as the employer of the paid employees.


Our Goals

Participants are more independent, have better employee skills, are more socially active, are sick less often, have a healthier daily rhythm.

Participants discover personal qualities and interests in the field of work.

Employment opportunities are increasing.

Less relapse, less government health care costs in the long run and fewer benefits.

Customers feel involved and contribute to society by buying furniture from Sixty Fruits.